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Our Mission:
Targeting Investment Opportunity by Extending Global Reach

GC3 Environmental (as of Nov 2006)  

We are an environmental technology company organized to globally execute our two fold mission:

  1. Connect American environmental consulting and technology companies with foreign market product and service opportunities.

  2. Provide integrated remediation technology contracting services for total site solutions in the US environmental market.

Our business model calls for the formation of custom on and off shore corporate platforms with supporting and complementary US remediation technology and equipment companies to provide total site remediation services on pre-qualified opportunities. Our partners participate in these pre-qualified opportunities by taking equity positions in project specific foreign national corporations, by formation of joint ventures, or by execution of exclusive marketing agreements.

GC3 Environmental qualifies specific project environmental service opportunities by analyzing the following factors:

  • Identifying the unique need for environmental services and the optimal mix of required technologies.
  • Government regulations and enforcement policies that drive work.
  • External awareness and concern for environmental protection and cleanup
  • Financial resources available for environmental compliance, assessment, and remediation work.
  • Political, legal, cultural and business protocols and procedures
  • Cost of market entry

GC3 Environmental will consider partnerships with US companies who have a pre-qualified business opportunity but need assistance to leverage these factors internationally.

Our business model provides the following benefits for partner companies in the environmental arena:

  • Entry into foreign markets without middlemen or brokers
  • Reduced preparation time and expense necessary to cultivate government, regulatory, partnership and client contacts
  • Access to markets with lower competitive pressures and higher profit margins
  • Access to additional foreign markets under the formed foreign corporation as successful project execution builds name recognition.
GC3 Strategy LLC is now GC3 Strategy Inc
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