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Our Mission:
Targeting Investment Opportunity by Extending Global Reach

GC3 Teams  

The GC3 Strategy Group is bound by our strong focus on the emerging global
economy led by the U.S.A., China and India. Our knowledge results from career long, on the ground experiences where we live and work.

Founder and Chairman

Operational Team  
President New officer to be announced  

Foster, Michelle J. (Marketing)

Rosemont, PA
Johnston, Ross G. (Russia Initiatives) Rosemont, PA
O'Neill, Tiffany K. (Investor & Media Outreach) Rosemont, PA
Sen, Souvik (India Initiatives) Rosemont, PA

Walsh, Charles (Strategic Communications)

Rosemont, PA
Wang, Sida (China Initiatives) Rosemont, PA
Practice Groups  
GC3 Environmental
GC3 Global Benefit David A. Hildebrandt
In-Sourced Team

Cooke, Edward J. (CPA)

Boston Associates, P.C.

Hildebrandt, David A. (Legal)

Kirton & McConkie

Woodville, Richard W.

Information Technology and Intellectual Property

BIO.sin.thesys Global Team
Jose, Jacob

Mumbai, India

Silver, David

Taipei, Taiwan

GC3 Partners
overture BiotechEast Company Limited


overture Overture Financial Services

New York


GC3 Strategy LLC is now GC3 Strategy Inc
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