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Our Mission:
Targeting Investment Opportunity by Extending Global Reach

GC3 Environmental  

Robert Cordz has over 30 years of project development and sales experience under a wide range of remediation and environmental compliance programs to commercial, industrial and government clients. He is responsible for domestic compliance and remediation sales as well as for global sales to US environmental technology companies in foreign markets. Bob has a Master of Science degree in Environmental Technology from the New York Institute of Technology.

Paul E. Maus has 25 years experience in the technical and managerial aspects of environmental remediation. He served as senior hydrologist in developing in-situ and ex-situ solutions for soil and groundwater contamination, research and development projects and cleanup of numerous contaminated sites. Paul has managed engineering and construction organizations in New York and has worked in the US, Canada and Mexico. He has a BS degree in Geology and has completed post graduate work in business administration and environmental studies.


GC3 Strategy LLC is now GC3 Strategy Inc
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